Missing 411 (2016)

A documentary that chronicles the similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America, across multiple decades. 

REVIEW: Missing 411 is a documentary made by David Paulides, a very interesting man, trying to find the answers to some incredibly interesting cases. He's a retired police detective, and his research into mysterious unsolved disappearances in state parks and wooded areas, that are all strange and all have certain aspects that match up with one another, across the U.S., and the entire world in fact, is some of the most disturbing, spine-tingling, and creepy stuff you'll come across in the fortean world. Listening to his interviews on Coast to Coast AM and podcasts like Generation Why, Mysterious Universe, etc have kept me up late many, many times, just laying in bed after listening to said interviews, with my mind just racing and lights left on.

 This documentary is a great starting point for those not overly familiar with his work. It only focuses on some children-related cases, and it doesn't go into nearly as much details as many of his interviews do, especially if you listen to said interviews back-to-back-to-back, but it's detailed enough that it's a great 'Starter Kit', if you will, for learning about the phenomenon and David's work. 

And even though his interviews and podcast appearances are far more detailed than anything you'll find in this documentary, it was still nice seeing the actual faces of some of the people he's talked about, and just seeing the pain on their faces as they recount stories about their missing child is just downright heartbreaking. If anybody not familiar with David Paulides and his work checks this out and finds themselves interesting in the topic, I highly recommend going and seeking out some of his public speaking or podcast interviews.

8/10 rooms in the Psych Ward


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