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Raptor Ranch/The Dinosaur Experiment (2013)

A modern day small Texas community is overrun by vicious prehistoric Carnosaurs and a group of people try to survive the onslaught at a cattle ranch.

REVIEW: I know I said on the Facebook page that I was taking a couple months break from working on the blog over the winter, like I usually do this time every year, but that was before I got my hands on a little diddy I've been wanting to check out for years, Raptor Ranch (also known under the alternate title of The Dinosaur Experiment in America). So consider this a break from my break, to bring you this review of Raptor Ranch, aka The Dinosaur Experiment!

But first, a little bit of a backstory. I've always loved dinosaur movies, and I especially love dinosaur horror movies, so it goes without saying that theCarnosaurtrilogy is one of my all-time top favorite B-Movie series'. Ever since I watched those three for the first time, I've been on the lookout for a great Carnosaur 4-in-spirit movie, one that while isn't tech…

Lost Tapes: Season 1 (2008)

Lost Tapes is a Faux-Documentary show that depicts traumatic scenarios where people are attacked and/or killed by mysterious, dangerous, deadly, savage, and ferocious paranormal cryptids.

REVIEW: It's no secret that we here at the B-Movie Shelf love us the Found Footage genre. Sure, there are some big stinkers to come across, but when done right, that style of filmmaking can be effective as hell plus cheap to produce, so everyone can win. Being a 14-episode TV season, it's safe to assume that Lost Tapes Season 1 includes both ends of the spectrum, and pretty much every step in between as well.

But before I really get into the review, I just want to first mention that this review is a pretty big milestone here on the blog by officially being the B-Movie Shelf's 100th review! And while there are no doubt better titles I probably could have done as the 100th Review, I'm really glad all the same that it's a title that comes with it's own little milestone - the very …