Komodo vs Cobra (2005)

REVIEW BY: Jeffrey Long

COMPANY: Cinetel Films

RUNTIME: 94 mins


PLOT: A genetically-engineered Komodo Dragon and King Cobra have become ginormous creatures hunting people on a remote tropical island. A small group of scientists must stop the creatures before they escape the island and destroy the rest of the world.

REVIEW: While Komodo vs Cobra seems to be advertised and constantly referred to as a sequel to Curse of the Komodo, it's actually more correct to look at it as a remake, despite being made not even a year later. It has the exact same plot, filmed in the exact same locations, complete with exact same military subplot with the exact same outcome of said subplot, beat-for-beat and pretty much word-for-word. If, like me, you've already seen Curse of the Komodo then you've already seen this movie, just replace some of the Komodo scenes with a Cobra.

There are only three differences - First, the group that happens upon the island in this one is a group of Environmental Activists instead of bank robbing fugitives. Second, the giant komodo dragon now has less screen time, as it's screen time is shared with a giant cobra as well. And third, the special effects aren't as good as they were in the first movie. Those three aspects aside, this is literally the exact same movie, even with cameos by some of the actors from the first movie, playing different roles this time around.

Also interesting to note, this movie stars Jeri from Season 2 of Survivor (and countless of the All-Star seasons), and she actually wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting her to be once I saw her pop on-screen. I think she needs to stop appearing one every other season of Survivor and get back into the B-movie game, cause she was quite the pleasant surprise here.

Despite being a direct clone of Curse of the Komodo, there's nothing especially bad in the movie, other then the CGI creature effects, and the only reason I don't like this is because I've just watched the other one and this is exactly the same movie. If it was the other way around and I had watched this one first, then I'd probably be preferring this movie to that one instead.

6/10 rooms in the Psych Ward


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