Raaz: Reboot (2016)

Rehaan and Shaina are newly married and Rehaan gets a job offer in Romania, After moving and while on a business trip, Rehan receives a frantic call from Shaina requesting help as she is trapped in telephone booth in a rural area where she had gone to seek help on paranormal activities happening around her. Shaina and Rehaan take the help of a local Priest but he can't help them much as the evil spirit is just too powerful.

REVIEW: Raaz Reboot is the fourth entry in a long-running Bollywood horror franchise, of which I've reviewed the first three already here, here, and here. Although why they call it a 'reboot' instead of just Part 4 I have no idea, since this entire series is more like an anthology - each movie is totally stand-alone and has nothing at all to do with one another other than a couple of actors returning to play new roles, so every entry is technically a ‘reboot’.

This newest one is, unfortunately, the low point of the series. The story takes forever to get anywhere, and just as soon as it begins to, it then comes to a screeching halt so it can flashback and spend the next 40 minutes to an hour showing us what we had just watched but through a different character's perspective, and it wasn't that interesting the first time around.

By the time we really truly get to the good stuff about this girl being possessed 'The Exorcist'-style, there was only about half an hour or so left to the movie. Luckily this portion was actually pretty amazing. It had great gore, some disgusting moments, a few genuinely creepy and jumpy parts, and a twist I honestly didn't see coming. Unfortunately it comes way too late and not very much time is spent on it in the overall runtime of the movie.

Still, in a Bollywood horror franchise that has four entries, only disliking one of them isn't too bad at all overall, and since it's more like an anthology series I'd still be down for checking out more entries if they make them.

4/10 rooms in the Psych Ward


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