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BloodRayne (2005)

A Dhampir named Rayne hunts down vampires and ultimately seeks revenge against the man that attacked her mother and made her the way she is. REVIEW: I won't lie, Uwe Boll is a bad filmmaker. He makes cheap video game movies and about all of them have been terrible, to say the least. But despite that, I have to admit that I do personally like a few of them, even going as far as owning them, and chief among those is the BloodRayne trilogy. BloodRayne is based off a video game about a half-human/half-vampire, or Dhamphir, named Rayne who, much like the infamous Blade, uses her vampiric super powers and abilities to kill vampires and rise up against the vampire master that originally made her. The video game that this movie is based off of however takes place during World War II and that's one of the main differences, a disappointing one at that, between this movie and the game. The movie itself takes place in medieval times, when the Brimstone Society, an organiz

Jurassic City (2015)

A truckload of secret experimented raptors is rerouted to a nearby prison where they escape and it's up to the security guards, a group of sorority sisters in the drunk tank for the night, and a few inmates to stop these creatures from escaping out into the city. REVIEW: Jurassic City (previously named Jurassic Lockdown and Jurassic Block) was one of those movies I paid close attention to during production, simply because it had dinosaurs in it and I'm always hankering for a new good dinosaur B-Movie, since dinosaurs are pretty much my favourite thing ever and dinosaur B-Movies are my favourite type of B-Movie. Unfortunately, to my disappointment, Jurassic City is not that new good dinosaur B-Movie I was hoping for. Not even close. That's not to say there's nothing positive here, because there is quite a few aspects of it that I did enjoy. The overall plot itself, of a pack of raptors loose in a prison is a pretty interesting one, and the prison s

Alien Outpost/Mankind's Last Stand (2015)

A documentary crew follows an elite unit of soldiers in the wake of an alien invasion. REVIEW: Alien Outpost, also known as Mankind's Last Stand in parts of the world for it's upcoming home video release, came out this past Friday on the usual Video-on-Demand locations such as Itunes, Vudu, and the like, and the trailer looked so interesting to me I had to order a digital copy and check it out as soon as I got home from work that day. Now, the original title that some people may know it under from news articles in the past was Outpost 37, but I feel that, for once, the name change is actually beneficial and Alien Outpost is the much better title. Usually I find last minute B-Movie title changes to be annoying in that they always change it from something great to something 'meh', but Outpost 37 was so plain and generic and didn't really help portray what kind of movie it is, so in that regard I feel Alien Outpost was a well-needed upgrade. This one was bro