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100 Million BC (2008)

REVIEW BY: Jeffrey Long COMPANY: The Asylum RUNTIME: 85 mins FORMAT: Netflix PLOT: When the U.S. Military re-opens the Philadelphia Experiment, a group of scientists get sent through time and trapped back in the prehistoric age, so a team of soldiers is sent to retrieve them but, as to be expected, not all survive. And to make matters worse, when they're able to get back to the Present, something prehistoric returns with them. REVIEW: Ever since I can remember, I've loved dinosaurs – pretty much my favorite thing, ever. So whenever a movie comes out with dinosaurs in it, no matter how good or bad, I have to check it out. But when one of those movies is made by none other then my favorite low budget production company The Asylum ...well...I get pretty excited to check the thing out, especially since the only other dinosaur flick by them that I've seen, I really enjoyed ( The Land That Time Forgot – never did a review of that one, but I may next time I do a re-