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Hansel vs Gretel (2015)

A year after their victory over, and escape from, the clutches of the evil witch Lilith, Gretel falls under a dark spell and organizes a coven of witches of her own, leaving Hansel to find the courage to fight his twin sister and the sinister forces controlling her. REVIEW: I always heavily anticipate each new Asylum release. I don't review all of them because A, I just don't have the time and B, I find I always look at movies more critically when I go into them knowing I'll be reviewing them and sometimes I'd like to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie without having to think about the review I'll have to write after and so for those reasons I tend to just pick and choose ahead of time which Asylum movies I'll be reviewing and which ones I probably won't. With that said, this movie had a really catchy poster, unique premise, and I'm a big fan of director Ben Demaree's cinematography work with other Asylum movies, such as the Sharknado

The 10 Best B-Movies of 2014

Like with 2011 , 2012 , and then 2013 this is my Annual list of my personal favorite B-Movie releases of the last year. There is still plenty of movies from this past year that I haven't yet seen, so it's possible I've potentially skipped over a few diamonds in the rough due to that, since this list is based off what I've actually watched myself. Also, this list is solely based off what has hit home video formats and Video On Demand services in 2014, so movies that aired on TV stations like Lifetime or the SyFy Channel this year, but never came out on DVD, BluRay, and VOD services yet, does not count for this. I want this as a list of movies that you could potentially pick up yourself or have easy access to legally obtaining. Likewise, some of these movies may have aired on TV in previous years, but didn't actually get released on home video formats or VOD until 2014, thus I count them as 2014 movies for that reason. The following list won'

Robin Hood: Ghosts Of Sherwood (2012)

REVIEW BY: Bobby Lepire W hile battling the Nottingham Sheriff, Robin Hood and his band of merry men are slain. Distraught over these horrific turn of events, Marian and Little John attempt to resurrect Robin and his comrades. In doing so they inadvertently turned the one-time heroes into the living dead and worse, the ghostly reincarnations are now out for blood.    REVIEW: This film is so inept and idiotic that even its title is wrong - Robin Hood: Ghosts Of Sherwood has no ghosts whatsoever. This bit of easily avoidable stupidity is indicative of the sheer laziness of the production as a whole, and is the least dumb thing about the movie. Yes my friends, this movie is so damned awful that its inaccurate title isn’t even close to being in the top fifty list of the movie’s biggest sins. Shall the torture begin? The most glaring issue, besides everything else, is that it’s shot on shiteo; I have seen iPhone videos that have higher quality to them. Whatever camera

Willow Creek (2013)

Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the home of Bluff Creek, aka the original alleged Patterson–Gimlin Bigfoot footage, to prove that the story is real by capturing the beast on camera. But deep in the dark woods, lost, isolated, and hours from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is actually hidden between the trees.... REVIEW: The main reason I picked Willow Creek to review is, much like with Alien Abduction and that sub-genre, I find it difficult to find a truly good , scary, Sasquatch movie, especially of the found footage variety. The Lost Coast Tapes was a decent enough effort that came out a couple years ago, and a couple of the Bigfoot-focused episodes scattered across all three seasons of the Animal Planet TV show Lost Tapes are fine, and while it may not be found footage The Legend of Boggy Creek is the easy go-to title for creepy Bigfoot movies, but that's really all I can think of off the top of my head. 

Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)

While on a trip to New York, Sharknado survivors Fin and his ex-wife are faced with another Sharknado event. Now they must survive again and find a way to stop it before it takes a big bite out of the Big Apple. REVIEW: To be honest, I have yet to watch the original Sharknado, but it seems to be pretty popular and you can even check out B-Movie Shelf owner Jeff's review of that one here . Despite that, I still made a point to record The Second One to watch myself when it aired on the SyFy Channel over the summer. I was planning on watching both back to back but as it happens, my mother asked if I wanted to watch this one first since she had already seen the first movie and so here I am, yet again, reviewing a movie out of viewing order. Yeah it really is getting to be a recurring thing with me it seems. Since I haven't watched the original Sharknado yet there were at least one or two things I may not have understood concerning a couple characters from the first mov