Killjoy (2000)

REVIEW BY: Jeffrey Long

COMPANY: Full Moon Entertainment

RUNTIME: 72 mins


PLOT: After they murder a fellow teenager, a group of inner city high school students run afoul of everyone's worst nightmare: a killer demon clown summoned for vengeance. Killjoy the Clown kills bad guys and the innocent alike, and only Jada, a gifted student, can stop the killer in its grease painted tracks.

I've always been a fan of movies made by Full Moon. Sure, their classic stuff is leaps and bounds better then anything they put out this day in age, but there are still some entertaining gems in the modern mix (The Gingerdead Man, Puppet Master 9: Axis of Evil, Zombies vs Strippers). However, Killjoy is not one of them.

Hands down, this one of the worst movies Full Moon has ever made. The idea is pretty good (a killer vengeance demon in the form of a creepy clown hunts down members of a street gang responsible for a kid's murder), but it's utterly destroyed by a boring plot that takes far too long to go anywhere, filled with the worst actors imaginable, music that never fits with the scene its playing in, and the most horrid, lazy, CGI effects ever to grace TV screens. It also doesn't help that the video and audio quality is equal to that of a home movie you're likely to find buried in your closet.

Really, the only stuff to like here are some of the deaths are kind of fun and a bit imaginative, the actor that plays the clown is actually pretty good and you can tell he's having a blast playing the role, and (as mentioned above) the idea behind the movie is really rather cool. Unfortunitly, none of those things can even come close to saving this one, and it just ended up being a huge chore to sit through.

I know that Full Moon is known for low budget, but Killjoy is extremely micro-budget, even for them.

2/10 rooms in the Psych Ward


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