Nazi Overlord (2018)

Against the background of the D-Day invasion, a US military unit must rescue a brilliant British scientist, who is held captive by the most dangerous SS guards deep in enemy territory, however the mission turns ugly when the Allied soldiers battle with horrific experiments created by the Nazis.

REVIEW: Nazi Overlord is The Asylum's newest release, obviously mockbusting (as they do so well) on the recent theatrical horror movie Overlord.

The first hour of this movie is a chore to get through. Some of the acting is ok as far as Asylum's work goes but some of it is also downright brutal, and nothing interesting really happens for that first hour outside of a couple quick moments, which makes spending all that meandering time with some of these actors all the worse. The first hour could have easily been covered in a 20-30 minute time span and the pacing would have felt much better for it, and it would have given us more than a scant 20-odd minutes on the actual advertised horror-themed plot.

Add to that, despite the cover art none of this movie takes place in the dark or in a storm - it's all in bright sunny daylight, which just utterly destroys any mood or atmosphere they would have had built up. Even the enemy Nazis are not really all that threatening here. Certainly not like in Asylum's other movie Nazi horror movie, Nazis at the Center of the Earth, where they were downright nightmare-inducing.

When the movie does finally get to the main plot as the final 20-odd minutes, that is... there are moments of fantastic gore, however sadly the movie mostly consists of the characters tied to chairs watching little mutant mosquitoes attack people behind a pane of glass and the two lead scientists arguing back and forth. That's pretty much it. The zombies play almost zero role in the movie except for a very quick scene, and the experiments we do see are nowhere near as disturbing as what we saw in Nazis at the Center of the Earth, not as disturbing as this very movie set them up to be.

In short, even as an Asylum fan, Nazi Overlord was a pretty big disappointment. Especially considering it was made by the guy that made Flight 666, which is one of my favorite Asylum movies this year.

3/10 rooms in the Psych Ward


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