Boar (2018)

A young family finds themselves in the Australian Outback, being hunted by a gigantic bloodthirsty wild pig.

REVIEW: Creature Features have always been my favorite type of B-Movie, so I always try to make a point of watching new ones when they come out. Boar is, quite honestly, nothing too special if you watch a lot of these types of movies, as it doesn't really do anything different or unique. However, sometimes I'm not looking for something different, sometimes something familiar is exactly what I need. Plus with all the killer shark, snake, spider, crocodile/alligator movies that make up 90% of the creature feature market, the fact that its a gigantic killer boar is enough of a visual change-up from the norm for me to make me fine with the fact that everything else about it feels so familiar.

The Boar itself is almost always done with a practical animatronic as well, which looked fantastic and creepy as hell, even if its movements looked a bit too robotic at times. There are a couple CGI shots of it, and those look dreadful, I admit, but luckily there's really not very many of those shots in the movie. The gore from the death scenes at the hands...errr....tusks of this beast is fantastic as well, and super gross in all the right ways. Granted, some of the death scenes are hard to pick out due to extreme close-up shots and really fast, quick, cuts that make up those death scenes, but the ones that we get to actually get good clear views of are amazingly gory and also, much like the Boar itself, done with old school practical effects.

The characters are pretty hit and miss however. John Jarret from the Wolf Creek movies and TV series easily plays one of the shining character here, along with his best friend, as well as a very hulking, intimidating-yet-friendly character named Bernie that seemingly loves Vanilla Ice songs, but most everyone else is pretty one-note, forgettable, and all around not even that likable so that definitely made it hard to feel invested in the majority of the characters, outside of those three mentioned above.

Boar isn't going to win any awards or even blow anyone away, and I can completely see where someone who, like me, watches a lot of these types of movies may feel way too much familiarity with this, as it doesn't try to set itself apart from hundreds of other similar creature feature/killer animal movies. However, for me personally, sometimes that's all I'm in the mood for, as I was when I put this on, plus the great animatronic Boar effects as well as the amazing, gory, kill scenes, was enough to brighten an otherwise really shitty night I was having.

8/10 rooms in the Psych Ward 


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