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As I'm finding myself with very little free time to really keep up with things, the B-Movie Shelf blog has undergone some changes. I'll no longer be covering news items, as I just don't have the free time to keep on top of it, and there are already plenty of better-ran sites out there for such things, so I would like to point you in those directions - sites like the Comitted blog, Dread Central, and the Fans of SyFy Original Movies Facebook Group are all excellent sources of B-Movie news and updates, and normally are the main places I pull my news from anyway. I will still occasionally link to news articles via my Facebook page or Twitter account, but the articles will not be mine, nor will they be to this blog. Just B-Movie related news in general that I find from around the net.

Instead, I'll be using this blog to focus solely on B-Movie reviews. Some may be two paragraphs long, while others come out at two pages long - however long it takes for me to get my thoughts out will be how long the review is. I won't be forcing myself to write long reviews if I just don't have a whole lot to say on the movie, but likewise I won't be forcing myself to leave things out if I feel I have a lot to say.

I'd also like to put out the call for guest reviewers. If anybody out there watches a B-Movie and feels like sending in a review for it to be posted on here, then by all means please do. You can shoot me an e-mail for that with the heading 'B-Movie Shelf Review' followed by the title of the movie, and it would be my pleasure to post it. It could even be for one I already have reviewed myself, it doesn't really matter to me - the more content, the better! And to get things kicked off, I've already got a couple guest reviewers lined up who have sent in a few reviews.

Now, a quick word on the ratings: I rate B-Movies on a completely different scale then regular movies. A 10/10 for a B-movie does not mean I think it's as good as The Empire Strikes Back. A 10/10 for a B-movie means I think it's exceptional...for a B-movie. Thus the rating scale for these will be referred to as the Psych Ward Ratings, because sometimes watching these movies are enough to drive anyone insane (And you must already be, if you like them as much as I do!). As for how my ratings work: I work on a scale of 10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. Everything above 5 is good, everything below 5 is bad, and 5 is when there is just as much stuff that I liked as I disliked. All I ask if you send in your own guest review, is that you abide by this rating system, so as to keep everything on the same scale and make it less confusing for random readers then if everyone had their own separate systems.

You can always do a search on the right-hand side over there for a keyword or movie title to see if I have a review for it already, or go look over my full complete list with links for every single B-Movie Shelf review.

- Jeffrey


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