Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012)

REVIEW BY: Jeffrey Long

COMPANY: Full Moon Entertainment

RUNTIME: 90 mins

FORMAT: Screener

PLOT: This time Killjoy is being accused in a court of Hell of not being evil, since he let one of his victims (Sandie from Killjoy 3) get away, and Killjoy must rely on his only chance of proving how evil he really is... get Sandie into Hell as his witness.

After watching the first dreadful Killjoy movie, I never would have thought that it would get a sequel, much less three of them. But 12 years later here we are with Killjoy 4 about to be released, and the fine folks at Full Moon have sent an early screener copy my way.

Killjoy Goes To Hell actually has what I feel is the most interesting plot of the entire series thus far – Killjoy is on trial in Hell for not being evil enough, due to getting defeated at the end of the previous movie. Alongside that, there's a second plot of Sandy, the lone survivor of that movie, now in a psychiatric ward, unable to stop laughing due to how the previous movie ended. That is, until Killjoy sends his three minions up, also returning from Killjoy 3, to break her out of the ward and drag her down to Hell in order testify as to how evil he really is.

This movie also marks the first time in the series that one entry is a direct continuation and sequel to the events of the previous entry, seeing as how the events of this movie happen in direct response to the events of the previous movie, in addition to bringing the main female lead back as well. In addition to her, Killjoy's three evil clown entourage from the previous movie are also back. They were a strong addition to Killjoy 3 and I think they're not only a welcomed addition to this one as well, but they actually have more to do and have more screentime in this entry, making me love them all the more. Even Killjoy himself is played by the same guy who has so-expertly played him in every movie from Killjoy 2 on, and by this point the role seems to be second nature for him, making Killjoy the funniest he's been in the entire series. Actually, this overall entry is filled with much more humor and laugh riots then any previous entry, and luckily the majority of those jokes (be it visual, dialog, or just comedic timing) are all hits instead of misses, so if you're looking for a wacky crazy-funny Full Moon movie for a drinking party viewing, I would say this is the one to go to.

Really, the only negative I can think of for this entry, is lack of kills. The one thing the series has always been good with, even in the dreadful first entry, was really nice, inventive death scenes. Sadly, since Killjoy spends the majority of the movie on trial in Hell there's hardly any kill scenes here and when we do get them, it's not until toward the end, which kind of confuses me since the only reason anyone would be watching a Killer Demon Clown movie would more then likely be for the death scenes, especially considering how good the previous entries were with those.

Luckily though, the movie keeps the laughs coming hard and frequent enough that you don't even really stop to think about the fact that nobody's been killed yet, until someone actually finally does get killed, and by that point it's almost the end of the movie anyway so you're not left to really ponder it for very long.

This overall series is quite an enigma to me – it started off as the absolute crappiest of the crap yet somehow each entry just keeps getting better and better then the one before, topping out at a near-perfect low budget horror/comedy, which gives me hope that Killjoy 5 will be a perfect 10-star B-Movie if/when it comes around. Make it happen, Full Moon - I have faith in you.

8/10 rooms in the Psych Ward


  1. i agree full moon should make a 5 one. something with the new clown girl being killjoys slave or rival while he starts slaughtering people left right and center


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