State of the B-Movie Shelf Blog

Hey everyone, just a very quick update. As everyone has probably noticed by now, I don't really update the blog anymore. A large part of that is lack of free time for it, but lack of passion for it also plays a part. HOWEVER, I am still doing mini-reviews for B-Movies on my personal Instagram account (some are shorter re-dos of reviews I already have on here but many are new reviews not on here). I just find with Instagram's character-limit it forces me to be short and to-the-point instead of rambling on for pages at a time, which I found I was doing quite often on this blog.

For those interested in continuing to follow my short mini-reviews of B-Movies, you can follow my personal Instagram account at, or if you have no interest in following my personal account (as there is more on there than just my B-Movie reviews), you can instead follow JUST my reviews by following the hashtag #BMovieShelfReview on Instagram as well (I do love that they added the ability to follow hashtags). In addition you can Like our Facebook Page, where I re-post all my Instagram reviews, plus share any interesting B-Movie news articles and such, which you can find by going to The B-Movie Shelf Facebook Page. For the foreseeable future, this is where my reviews will be posted.

For those also interested, you can see my ratings for movies (All movies, not just B-Movies) at my Letterboxd account, so feel free to follow me on there at Plus most, if not all, of my B-movie mini-reviews from Instagram also get posted on there as well.

- Jeffrey


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